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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I unlock my Gmail account?

Steps to Unlock Gmail Account Go to Gmail sign in page in any browser and then click on help option in the screen. After that, you will find the is three option – So choose the third option as you have to unlock Gmail account, there you have to enter the Gmail account address in the asked box.

Can you be traced by your email address?

But should you? Is there a way your phone number and address can be tracked by someone who only has your email address? The short answer is yes. It could be very easy for you to be found by just your email address... or it could be quite difficult. Exactly how difficult it might be depends on three things: how you've used your email address, what information you've put in public places, and whether or not you've broken the law.

How do you search for people on Gmail?

Google's Gmail offers two methods for finding people you've emailed in the past. Using the search bar on your inbox, you can find every email to or from a specific person. Click the search bar above your Gmail inbox. Type a person's name or email address. As you type, suggestions will appear below the search bar.

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