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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I make a wrong login on traces?

If you have not logged out your account for two consecutive quarters in a financial year it gets automatically disabled or deleted by TRACES. In this case, you must contact your admin user to recreate your account. When you make 5 consecutive wrong login attempts within 24 hours, the account is locked for one hour.

How can I Change my user ID on traces?

Yes, you can change your user Id on TRACES by going on the home page and selecting the fourth option of “Forgot User Id” under login on the left-hand side. Why a Taxpayer or PAO shall login TRACES? A taxpayer i.e. the person whose tax has been deducted or PAO can log in TRACES for

How to login into TDs traces ( TDS ) website?

In order to login on the TRACES ( TDS) website, you need to follow the following steps: Open the link A pop-up window will appear, here you are required to simply select the “Continue” option. Once you reach the home page, click on the Login link at the top of the left navigation bar as shown in the image below.

Where can I view my tax credits if not registered with traces?

The website provides access to the PAN holders to view the details of tax credits in form 26AS. If you are not registered with TRACES, please refer to our e-tutorial.

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