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Frequently Asked Questions

How can a NRI taxpayer can register on traces portal?

Important information : NRI Taxpayer Registration. NRI Tax Payer will login through the link To register at TRACES, Taxpayer need to click on “Register as New User-Taxpayer”.

Do you need a user ID for traces?

Attention Taxpayers: You are accessing TRACES from outside India and therefore, you will require a User ID with Password. The website provides access to the PAN holders to view the details of tax credits in form 26AS. If you are not registered with TRACES, please refer to our e-tutorial.

How do I register as a taxpayer on traces?

To activate an account in TRACES, users have to click on the activation link sent to registered e-Mail ID and submit the activation code within 48 hours. How do I register as a taxpayer on the TRACES website?

How long does it take to activate traces account?

The users can use this link to activate their account on the TRACES portal. In case the validation process fails, the information is sent to the user’s registered e-Mail address within 48 hours. Furthermore, if the user does not activate the link within 48 hours of receipt of mail, the user account in the TDS CPC would be deactivated.

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