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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different tracking devices?

4 Types of Tracking Devices Explained Cell Phone Tracking Devices. The first tracking device that most people are going to recognize is the cell phone. ... Vehicle Tracking Devices. Another type of tracking device that people are going to think about are vehicle tracking devices. ... Car Tracking Devices. ... GPS Tracking Watches. ... The Future of Tracking Devices. ...

What stores sell tracking devices?

Gadget Stores. Gadget stores typically found in shopping malls also sell GPS tracking devices. Brookstone ( is commonly known for its massaging chairs and fitness equipment, but this store also stocks a handful of GPS systems, with devices featuring lifetime updates of maps.

How to locate tracking devices on your vehicle?

How to Find a GPS Tracker in Your Car in 5 Steps Know What You're Looking for. If you are suspicious that someone is monitoring your movements with a GPS or cellular tracking device, there are three ways to find ... Perform a physical inspection. You want to check all the locations where a tracker could be hidden. ... Use an Electronic Sweeper. ... Seek Professional Assistance. ... Remove Tracking Device. ...

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