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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a GPS tracking system work for cattle management?

GPS cattle management tracking system enables farmers to track their animals in real-time without worrying about losing any one of them. A GPS tracker collar or cattle GPS tracking ear tag is put on the animal and it allows for keeping an eye on the animal’s movement.

How to monitor livestock?

Other popular technological tools often researched by farmers to monitor livestock include: 1 Cattle GPS tracking ear tags 2 Cow tracking collar 3 Smart ear tags for cattle 4 Cattle GPS implants 5 Cattle collar More ...

How are cattle tracking tags used in dairy farming?

Animal tracking tags for cattle are used for health management in new and unique ways among dairy farming businesses. For example, GPS cattle tracking tech can enhance an animals’ health by allowing farmers to virtually fence their property.

How can I track the behaviour of my cows?

If you want to track the behaviour of your cows, be aware of their location 24/7 or optimise your grazing patterns you can benefit from an Orion collar, ear tag or other similar location tracking hardware with in-built GPS and geofencing capabilities.

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