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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track my USPS package without a tracking number?

To track a package without a tracking number through UPS, visit UPS's website and register for a UPS My Choice account, then use the provided dashboard tools to locate your package. If you're tracking a package through USPS, sign up for Informed Delivery on the USPS website and use the portal to track your items.

How do you track a package from the US Postal Service?

To track your USPS package, all you need is the package tracking number, which can be found on your USPS shipping label. Tracking your Shipment can be done by various sites including the official USPS Website. After sending your package through USPS, it can be tracked through a Tracking number.

How do you track USPS shipment?

Tracking Packages Set up a trackable form of shipment via the USPS. Hold on to your receipt. Go to the USPS website. Type the tracking number into a search box and then press the enter key. Understand the USPS status descriptions.

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