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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track my USPS package?

In order to track a USPS package online, go to and click on "Track and Confirm" to search for a package by providing a tracking number. Find all available tracking information for a USPS package with tips from an Internet consultant in this free video on Internet tools and uses.

How do I track my mail USPS?

Go to the USPS web page to access tracking services. Click on the “Track and Confirm” option from the menu located at the top of the page. Locate the label ID number from the mailing label or receipt. If you are the recipient, contact the shipper to obtain the label ID number.

Can I track USPS with receipt number?

You can find your tracking/article number on the following places: Post Office Shipping Receipt If you purchased the insurance at the post office, then on the sales receipt If you shipped online (at, then in the email confirmation In the shipping confirmation email, you received from an online retailer

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