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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best train station in Rome?

The best way to arrive in Rome is by train. The main station, Stazione Termini is close to the historic center. There are several outlying stations, too. You can also arrive by bus near Termini station or in Piazzale Tiburtina in front of the Tiburtina train station.

What train station is closest to Rome?

The main central station in Rome is Termini Station. Not only the main railway station but major transport interchange for Rome of all kinds. Termini Station Rome is the hub of the limited Rome Metro network. And Termini is where you will find the main bus station for local buses in Rome and airport buses and trains.

What is the high speed train from Rome to Venice?

Rome to Venice is a 3 hour, 45-minute train ride on a Frecciargento or Frecciarossa high-speed train, which are the fastest trains on this route. Visitors may find it easier to check train times, make reservations and buy tickets on

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