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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Big 5 traits?

Big Five personality traits definition. The Big Five personality traits are five broad characteristics used in psychology to describe variations in human personality and, by extension, a theory of personality called the Five Factor Model (FFM). The five characteristics are: Openness. Conscientiousness. Extraversion. Agreeableness. Neuroticism.

What are the types of traits?

According to him the traits are the basic units of personality. Every person develops a unique set of organised tendencies called traits. Allport has identified three types of traits—cardinal, central and secondary. Cardinal traits are primary and they cover all aspects of an individual’s behaviour and attributes.

What are facts about traits?

A trait or character in biology is a feature of a living thing. It is part of an organism's phenotype. Every living thing, from tiny organisms like bacteria, to plants, animals and humans, has some characteristics which make it special. Thus an elephant has tusks, large size and weight, large ears and very large molar teeth (et cetera).

What are some bad traits?

We tend to think of personality traits as "good" and "bad". Being kind and humble is good, for example, but being lazy and pessimistic are "bad". Things aren't always so cut and dry, though.

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