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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the word tramp?

1: A girl who sleeps around and dresses in a trampy manner. 2: A homeless person. More accuratly the sort of homeless person who hangs around in one place generally begging and drinking cheap whisky. 1: Your a dirty little tramp!

What was the purpose of the tramp life?

John Burnett argues that in earlier periods of economic stability "tramping" involved a wandering existence, moving from job to job which was a cheap way of experiencing adventures beyond the "boredom and bondage of village life".

What's the definition of a backcountry Tramp?

— Deborah Reid, Washington Post, 12 Aug. 2019 Most backcountry tramping involves climbing mountains using tree roots as a ladder or shimmying across precarious three-wire bridges (or just plain old river crossings) and wading through mud up to your chest.

Which is better the tramp or the book?

The ' Tramp ' contains better usage without doubt, but it lacks the "color" which gives the Innocents its perennial charm. A Tramp Abroad' is a rare book, but it cannot rank with its great predecessor in human charm. The Tramp contains better English usage, without doubt, but it is less full of happiness and bloom and the halo of romance.

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