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Frequently Asked Questions

What are transitional phrases?

Transitional phrases are words that help introduce a sentence and make your writing smoother. Transitional phrases that introduce an example are often utilized in writing. Additionally, transitional phrases can be used to compare or contrast information, to show the cause and effect, or to indicate the time or place.

What are English words derived from German?

A portion of German words are derived from Latin and Greek, and fewer are borrowed from French and Modern English. With slightly different standardized variants (German, Austrian, and Swiss standard German), German is a pluricentric language.

How do you use transition in a sentence?

One way to make a transition sentence is to use words that let us know you are transitioning. Words and phrases like “also” “similarly” “finally” “on the other hand” “besides that” “although” and many more. Just google “transition phrases and words” and you should be able to find...

What does German word mean in English?

English has borrowed many words from German. The word ‘deli’ or ‘delicatessen’ originally comes from the German ‘Delikatessen’. When you say something has gone kaput, you are using a word borrowed from the German ‘kaputt.’ ‘Hamburger’ also comes from the German word of the same spelling.

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