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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the pros and cons of Transition Lenses?

Some pros and cons of transition lenses: PROS: - Since the lenses automatically adapt to light conditions, they reduce eye strain and fatigue indoors and squinting in sunlight. The rapidly changing lenses can also lessen glare by regulating the amount of natural light you are exposed to.

How to Activate Transition Lenses?

Transitions lenses are activated by UV light. The amount of UV light present will determine how dark your lenses get. This is what allows you to see life with just the right amount of light. Extreme situations can sometimes cause your lenses to behave slightly differently.

How much does a transition lens cost?

A pair, though, with photochromic lenses cost about $400-$650 or more. Customized or pre-made, glasses with transition lenses price as much as $200-$400. The cost of transition lenses is about $100-$450 per pair. This does not include the frame yet, which could add a hundred dollars to the total bill.

What are transition lenses called?

Transition lenses, also referred to as photochromic lenses, are a brand name UV-protected lens that has the ability to change from a clear to a darker color when exposed to sunlight.

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