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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we identify a transitive verb?

Transitive Verbs: The Complete Guide A basic explanation of transitivity. ... Identifying transitive verbs. ... Direct and indirect objects. ... Using transitive verbs with a direct object. ... Using transitive verbs with a direct and indirect object. ... Verbs that can be transitive or intransitive. ... Complete and Incomplete Predication. ... Identifying transitive verbs with predication. ... More items...

What does transitive verb form mean?

A transitive verb is "a verb accompanied by a direct object and from which a passive can be formed." Our definition does a pretty good job of explaining what a transitive verb is, but let's break it down a little more. If a verb is considered a transitive verb, that means it can be used with a direct object.

How are transitive verbs like transit systems?

As Marie points out in Lesson 11, transitive verbs are like transit systems such as buses, trains, and ferry boats . How? Because every transitive verb carries the action of that verb from the doer of the action to the receiver (or object) of that action-just as a bus carries a passenger from point A to point B.

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