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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ‘transitory inflation’ out for the Fed?

‘Transitory’ is out for describing inflation at the Fed…what will take its place? Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell gives a press briefing in early 2020. Your browser does not support the audio tag.

How long will rising consumer prices and higher wages be transitory?

But investors are still grappling with worries about how long rising consumer prices and higher wages will be an issue for the Fed. "How long is transitory? It could be anything from two months to 18. That's where it starts to get a little bit interesting," said Gautam Khanna, senior portfolio manager at Insight Investment, in a report.

Will the Fed stay cautious or overreact to inflation?

They think the Fed will remain cautious and not overreact to near-term inflation pressures. According to futures contracts on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, investors are only pricing in about an 11% chance of a rate hike by the end of the year.

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