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Frequently Asked Questions

What does transitory mean in legal terms?

That which lasts but a short time, as transitory facts that which may be laid in different places, as a transitory action. A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States.

What is an example of a transitory action?

Common examples of transitory actions are lawsuits brought to recover damages in breach of contract or tort actions. Transitory actions are universally founded on the supposed violation of rights which according to law have no locality.

What is a good sentence for transitory?

Examples of transitory in a Sentence. the transitory nature of earthly pleasures. Recent Examples on the Web. Schultz has passionately launched virtuous, if transitory, initiatives regarding: sustainability, race relations, gun violence, income disparity, economic development, veteran employment, and the budget deficit.

Is inflation transitory or transitory?

— NBC News, 24 Nov. 2021 Powell has continued to insist that inflationary pressures are transitory. — Chris Isidore, CNN, 22 Nov. 2021 But these recent decisions by some of the country’s largest food companies present a problem for the transitory -inflation narrative.

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