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Frequently Asked Questions

Does travelers offer life insurance?

Travelers is often used to describe Travelers Indemnity Company. That company does not offer life insurance. However, Travelers Life and Annuity is a company that used to sell Life Insurance, and was acquired by the MetLife Life and Annuity Company of Connecticut in 2005.

Is travelers homeowners insurance good?

Travelers is a good option for homeowners insurance, but it isn’t an elite option. By most accounts, it's average.

Is travelers auto insurance good?

In addition to standard coverage options, Travelers has additional auto insurance options available. Gap insurance protects your auto lease or loan. If your car is totaled before it’s paid off or the lease is up, Travelers pays off the loan or lease.

What is a traveler agent?

A travel agent is a professional who specializes in making travel arrangements on behalf of other people. At times, the services of a travel agent can be extremely useful; travel agents often have access to cheap fares, hotel deals, and other travel perks which average consumers cannot get on their own.

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