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Frequently Asked Questions

When to start comparing international flights on Travelocity?

It’s possible to start comparing international airfares on Travelocity up to 12 months in advance. However, it does depend on the carrier as not all airlines release their prices that far out.

Where do I Find my dates of travel on Travelocity?

In the “Departing” and “Returning” boxes on Travelocity, select the dates you’d like to travel. You can also put in the number of adults and children traveling within your group. Once you’ve selected your dates of travel, look for the “Advanced options” menu. It can be easy to miss since this menu isn’t obvious or bolded.

Can you search for multiple cities with Travelocity?

No multi-city search: While other flight search engines, like Google Flights, allow you to search for multiple cities at once, Travelocity only lets you search for multiple airports within one city. No option to book directly with the airline: Travelocity keeps travelers within Travelocity.

What kind of cancellation policy does Travelocity have?

A clear cancellation policy: Throughout booking and at check out, Travelocity shows you the extra fees associated with your booking class and outlines the cancellation policy for your flight. Useful flight scores: Travelocity features a flight score next to the flight search results.

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