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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tristan stronger than Lancelot?

Tristan is even considered to be as strong and able a knight as Lancelot, including the fulfillment of Merlin 's prophecy for the two of them to engage in the greatest duel between any knights before or after, although neither kills the other and they become beloved friends.

Who is Sir Tristan in King Arthur?

Sir Tristan. Sir Tristan, or Tristram in Old English, was a contemporary of King Arthur and a Knight of the Round Table.

Which of the Knights most resembles Lancelot?

Of all the knights, Tristram most resembles Lancelot as he too loves a queen, the wife of another.

What happened between Iseult and Sir Tristan?

That defeat led to a truce with King Anguish of Ireland who arranged for his daughter, Iseult to be married to King Mark. Sir Tristan who was sent to Ireland to fetch the would be Queen, but while in the process of bringing her back to Cornwall, Tristan and Iseult fell hopelessly in love with one another.

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