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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best runes for Tristana build?

Best runes for the selected Tristana build: Precision. Sorcery.

How good is draw a bead on Tristana?

DRAW A BEAD (Passive): Draw A Bead is Tristana's passive ability, it gives her an extra 7 attack range every time she levels up. This is weak early game but becomes very strong later in the game. You start the game with pretty low attack range as Tristana]

How do you deal with target Tristana?

Tristana is a hard champion because of these decisions, so you're gonna need to get some games on her before knowing your limits. Try to spam some games and limit test to see how much you can push this champion. Your main objective is to pump out as much damage as possible and assassinate their backline if they overstep or waste an important CD.

What happened to Tristana in the forest?

Tristana, dozing in the dappled sunshine, was shaken awake as the trees around her began to burn and topple. A warband of armored marauders rampaged through the woodland with fire and axes, led by a sorcerer wreathed in dark energy. Tristana hid in horror.

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