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Frequently Asked Questions

What level is Tristana in Lol?

Learn Tristana's abilities in detail, the best items to build, which skills to level first, and more. Tristana is ranked Tier A (Duo Lane) in our Champion Tier List Tristana is a dragon lane champion that focuses on attack damage to kill the enemy team.

When does Tristana season 11 guide come out?

Vapora Dark In-Depth ADC Tristana Guide Season 11 Updated on October 20, 2021 10 4684 Votes 195 VoteVote master Build Guide By Vapora Dark

What is the best item to build with Tristana?

Infinity Edge is a strong item that scales really well with Tristana, giving her a lot of attack damage, and the critical damage that you do to the enemies is increased. On top of Infinity Edge, you can build Rapid Firecannon and Phantom Dancer to get 75% critical strike chance.

How do you get a bomb off with Tristana?

Most people don't know this, but you can actually cast spells while midair with tristana jump. So the fastest way to get a bomb off, is to jump ontop of them, then while in the air place your bomb ontop of them. This way when the jump lands you have an auto buffered and the W gives you a stack.

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