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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tristana a good AD Carry in Season 11?

My name is tilTruth and welcome to my season 11 Tristana AD carry guide. I love to have kill potential in lane and yet scale into the late game. Tristana gives you just that as an AD carry. In season 11 it feels like bot lane may have little impact, but with her, you can.

How good is Level 2 Tristana?

Tristana is one of the strongest lvl 2 champions in the game. Similar to how you have a power spike on Lucian, Leona, alistartAlistar, and Thresh. She falls into the same category. I take my W lvl 1 in case I need to jump out or if we get a kill after invading. That allows you to use your reset.

Is Tristana good early game?

Tristana is REALLY WEAK early game, but really weak. If you do not properly kite and get a good leash, you can have a very bad time.

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