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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Triumph Learning for coach digital?

As a perfect complement to print resources, Triumph Learning is dedicated to providing the professional support customers need for effective implementation of Coach Digital to support classroom instruction and blended learning.

How do I contact Triumph Learning customer service?

Triumph Learning Customer Service: 800-338-6519, [email protected] Getting Started on Coach Digital -Teachers 3 | P a g e I. Creating Classes Teachers and administrators can create classes once student and teacher accounts are created on Coach Digital.

What is educoach digital?

Coach Digital is a resource library packed with instruction, practice, assessments, and real-time reports. As a teacher, you have digital access to our best-selling book series for multiple grade levels at your school.

How do I get support with coach digital?

Throughout the course of your school’s subscription to Coach Digital, our team is available to offer support and care for you and your students. It is our goal to help you implement this incredible program into your classrooms with ease. You should begin by logging in to your account and navigating around the program.

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