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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basics of troubleshooting?

The basic process of troubleshooting is to check the most general possible problems first, and then gradually check for more specific problems. This provides a logical approach to problem solving and can apply to multiple types of products.

What are the steps for troubleshooting?

Five-Step Troubleshooting Process. The five-step troubleshooting process consists of the following: Verify that a problem actually exists. Isolate the cause of the problem. Correct the cause of the problem. Verify that the problem has been corrected. Follow up to prevent future problems.

What is the importance of troubleshooting?

Why are troubleshooting skills Important. It is a common belief that if there are no challenges or problems found in your efforts towards the smooth operation of your business, something is definitely wrong. That is how inevitable problems are in daily work routine. Better troubleshooting skills mean greater opportunity for improvement.

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