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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TRU Community Care?

Read More TRU Community Care (TRU) affirms life at every step of your journey with illness and loss. Our vision is to lead a healthcare transformation by engaging with our communities and offering innovative, meaningful care for those living with illness and loss.

What is trucare?

TruCare is an enterprise population health management platform that enables you to effectively manage your members, to improve outcomes and lower costs. TruCare provides a 360-degree longitudinal view for each member, enables teams to collaborate, improves productivity, and ensures compliance with regulatory obligation.

What is Tru pace for the elderly?

TRU PACE (Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) coordinates and provides all needed preventive, primary, acute, and long-term care services so that older individuals can continue living safely in their community.

Can I use trucare through a web service?

All actions accomplished within the TruCare User Interface can also be accomplished through a web service. TruCare has hundreds of APIs to import and export data and was designed to consume and integrate health plan data from various sources including XML data feeds, X12‐based 278 messaging, and REST/JSON webs services.

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