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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell car features by Vin?

Each letter or number in your car's VIN identifies the car's make, model, features, year of manufacture and engine type. Consumer car portals like Edmunds and Carfax emphasize that decoding a VIN is critical when purchasing a car, although decoding can be tricky since each letter or number represents a different feature.

Which car is the best value?

Once again, the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited tops the list of cars that best hold their value. The four-door version of the off-roader offers easier rear-row access and a smoother ride thanks to that extended wheelbase. It might shed slightly more value than it did in 2019-up 0.9 percent-but it's not enough to lose the crown.

Can there be two cars with the same VIN?

VIN is unique to every vehicle, which literally means that no two cars share the same VIN . This is why the number is often compared to a car's DNA or a fingerprint, as it makes it possible to identify a vehicle just as easily and precisely.

What are true car values?

It is the 'value' that the buyer is willing to pay for an item especially a second-hand or used vehicle; usually "true value'' is a fixed price tag on any used vehicle after assessing it's value based on it's condition and usage.

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