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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find a person for free online?

Visit a website designed to find people online. Type in the information you know about the person. Read the search results. Some of the results will provide you with information or direct you to a website where you can get information for free.

How do I find people free of charge?

Google offers several options to help you find people free of charge, starting with a simple Google search. Just type the person’s name with quotation marks around it into the search engine and see what comes up in the results.

How do you find a person for free?

Still, there are many other places to find a person for free. The best place to start in finding someone for free is the Internet. Go to Websites like MySpace and Facebook. People from all ages are now logging into these social networking Websites.

What are the best websites for finding people?

In the United States, the most popular sites include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Most social media sites allow you to search their content to find users or identify users associated with a certain company, institution, or geographic region.

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