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Frequently Asked Questions

How do toads mate and reproduce?

How do Toads Mate and Reproduce? Toads reproduce via sexual reproduction with the female eggs fertilized by the male toad; a source of water is required for reproduction to take place. Males attract females with a mating call. The mating call is also used to keep other male toads from encroaching on a male's territory.

How do you care for a toad?

Caring for Your Toad Do not take a toad from the wild. Feed your toad the type of food he will want to eat. Give your toad vitamin supplements. Make sure your toad has water. Remove uneaten food everyday. Do not handle your toad very often. Take precautions when handling your toad. Clean your toad’s tank often.

What are some interesting facts about toads?

Some key facts about toads include: Toads can live in a variety of different areas such as tropical rain forests, high mountain regions and hot deserts, but prefer moist environments. Toads breathe through their skin. A group of toads is called a knot. A gland on the back of the toad's head secrets a poison when the toad is threatened. ... More items...

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