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Frequently Asked Questions

How many genus of toads are there in the world?

Bufonidae is a family of the "true toads". The family has 35 genus. The Bufonidae toads are found almost everywhere and are well known.

Is there such a thing as a true toad?

A true toad is any member of the family Bufonidae, in the order Anura (frogs and toads). This is the only family of anurans in which all members are known as toads, although some may be called frogs (such as harlequin frogs ). The bufonids now comprise more than 35 genera, Bufo being the most widespread and well known.

What is the phylogeny of the true toad?

The following phylogeny of most genera in the family is based on Portik and Papenfuss, 2015:, Chan et al., 2016, Chandramouli et. al., 2016, and Kok et. al., 2017

What is the scientific name for the Bankor toad?

Species Binomial name and author Common name Bufo ailaoanus Kou, 1984 Ejia toad, Ailao toad Bufo aspinius (Yang, Liu, and Rao, 1996) Bufo bankorensis Barbour, 1908 Central Formosa toad, Bankor toad Bufo bufo (Linnaeus, 1758) Common toad, European toad 15 more rows ...

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