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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of amphibian is a true toad?

Family of amphibians. Song of Common toad or European toad, Bufo bufo. A true toad is any member of the family Bufonidae, in the order Anura (frogs and toads). This is the only family of anurans in which all members are known as toads, although some may be called frogs (such as harlequin frogs).

How big do true toads get to be?

Most species in this family are dull in color and live on the land. They range in size from one inch to eight inches in length. There are over 500 species in this family and they are found all over the world, except for in Australia and its surrounding islands. Status and range is taken from ICUN Redlist.

What kind of toad has a red belly?

A few species, however, have very bright colors. The Yungas redbelly toad has a black and sometimes green back, but a bright red belly, and the male golden toad, which is now extinct, or no longer in existence, was vivid orange. True toads also come in many different sizes.

What do toads have on the back of their heads?

All true toads are toothless and generally warty in appearance. They have a pair of parotoid glands on the back of their heads. These glands contain an alkaloid poison which the toads excrete when stressed. The poison in the glands contains a number of toxins causing different effects.

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