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Frequently Asked Questions

How many achievements do you get in Final Fantasy VII?

Check out the Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough to find details of how to win 31 Achievements from this game, worth a total of 1,951 TrueAchievement points (1,000 Gamerscore)

Is there a glitch in Final Fantasy VII?

Sorry, the glitch is patched out since June 2020. You can use this only on an unpatched version. Please use this super detailed guide to finish all the situations to date Barret. Credit goes to the Wiki page writer.

How to be a cross dresser in Final Fantasy VII?

Head north and on the right of the next area is the gym. You have to talk to the woman to start the squat match. You just need to press , then , then and repeat. Make sure the previous animation has finished, before pressing the next button. It isn't too difficult as the other guy messes up a lot.

Where to find the dress maker in Final Fantasy VII?

This starts the quest of crossdressing. [1] The first task is to get a Dress. The dress maker is the top left of the first area, enter and you will be asked to go to the pub to find the dress maker. Leave the shop, go north one screen and the pub is on the left.

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