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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after a gaming session on TrueAchievements?

Once a gaming session has ended, everyone in the session will receive a PM asking them to leave feedback. By following the link in the PM, you will be able to leave a public note for each of the community members who took part in the session and to give positive, neutral or negative feedback.

What do you need to know about TrueAchievements?

If you have just found this group, TrueAchievements (TA) is a website dedicated to unlocking Xbox achievements. We are a large community of players who help write guides & walkthroughs, create boosting sessions, give hints and tips on best ways to unlock achievements and keep up with gaming news.

When do you get your account back on TrueAchievements?

So presumably if you don't cheat on any more achievements you might get your account back in a year or so.

Is it possible to delete achievements that you earned?

No, it's not possible to delete/remove earned achievements. This. You can't delete achievements. Though it would be nice if microsoft made something which allowed you to completely get rid of a game on your Gamertag. They would make a lot of money in my opinion if they made a "Free 1 Game Wipe From Garmetag" for 400 MSP.

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