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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any other apps similar to Truebill?

There are several alternatives to meet your needs. Billshark is an app similar to Truebill. It tracks your bills and can negotiate them down for you. If it’s successful, Billshark charges 40% of your annualized savings. If you choose to break up those payments, Billshark will take 50% of your savings.

What is the difference between trim and Truebill?

Trim is similar in that you connect your accounts and it analyzes your spending to find recurring subscriptions. But Trim isn’t an app. It’s a free financial “assistant” that communicates with you via Facebook Messenger or text.

What's the difference between billshark and Truebill?

Unlike Truebill and Trim, Billshark charges no additional fee for paid personal finance features. Clarity Money tracks your spending, uncovers unwanted subscriptions, and organizes your financial life. It’s completely free to use, and there are no paid services. Clarity Money actually uses Billshark to cancel subscriptions.

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