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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is we at Truebill?

We're a diverse team of chefs, musicians, dog-parents, and pizza enthusiasts passionate about improving the lives of everyday people. We hire from all industries and look for a diverse set of experiences in our talent. Every day we work collaboratively with Truebill members to create services that optimize their financial health.

What is the name of the woman in the AT&T commercial?

Since November 2013, she has portrayed a saleswoman named "Lily Adams" in a series of TV commercials for AT&T. She also portrayed Tina Shukshin on the Yahoo! Screen original series Other Space .

How does Truebill save you money each month?

While spare change apps like Qoins and Acorns might help you pay off your debt or invest, Truebill does something else when you decide to download the app: They help you save money each month by showing you unused subscriptions (to cancel), negotiating bills, and finding your unnecessary spending. But don’t take my word for it.

Is there an upfront fee with Truebill?

On that note, there is no upfront fee. However, Truebill has to make its money somehow for the service they offer. They do this by collecting 40% of whatever they save you.

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