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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Truebill and what can I do with it?

Truebill is free to use and offers a wide array of tools all on one simple platform. Save money by managing your subscriptions and bills. Truebill, monthly bill organizer, will automatically detect and manage subscriptions, helping you to keep track of everything --even the ones you may have forgotten about!

Who are the members of the Truebill team?

We're a diverse team of chefs, musicians, dog-parents, and pizza enthusiasts passionate about improving the lives of everyday people. We hire from all industries and look for a diverse set of experiences in our talent. Every day we work collaboratively with Truebill members to create services that optimize their financial health.

What's the difference between Truebill and trim app?

For most users, Truebill and rival financial app Trim are pretty easy to confuse. Both set out to tackle many of the same things: lowering monthly bills, managing subscriptions and detecting potential savings. Both offer their services with more than 15,000 financial institutions.

Do you have a true girl subscription box?

Mom+daughter discipleship experiences delivered straight to your home. Equip her with a tool box that helps her grow in her love for Jesus. Meet the True Girl subscription box: her new Bible Study BFF.

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