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Frequently Asked Questions

How does TrueCar earn money?

TrueCar makes money by selling the potential vehicle buyers on their site to affiliated dealers as leads. Dealers obtain leads from many sources and usually pay about $15-20 each for standard leads from sites like Car Price Secrets and buy them in larger packs.

What is the TrueCar price curve?

The TrueCar Price Curve presents new car sales transaction data in a way that helps you easily recognize a fair price for a similarly configured vehicle . The vertical bars within the curve represent what people in your area have been paying for similar vehicles. Oct 10 2019

What is the best used car to buy?

The 7 best used cars to buy Kia Rio. Says Matt DeLorenzo of Kelley Blue Book: "If you want the utility of a sport/utility, look at hatchbacks." Toyota Corolla. The Toyota Corolla has been for years and remains one of the best selling cars in the country. ... Volkswagen Jetta. ... Subaru Crosstrek. ...

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