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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about TrueCar?

TrueCar, Inc. is an automotive pricing and information website for new and used car buyers. The service allows users to see what others paid for any new or used vehicle in their local area and receive upfront prices from a network of over 15,000 TrueCar Certified Dealers.

Where did the company TrueCar get its name?

TrueCar reports its users purchase approximately 1 million cars from dealers in its network each year. The company is headquartered in Santa Monica, California, with a sales office Austin, TX. TrueCar was originally incorporated under the name " Inc." in Delaware in February 2005.

Why did TrueCar face backlash from the automotive industry?

Shortly thereafter, TrueCar faced backlash from the automotive industry, when several state agencies and regulators notified TrueCar that its practices were noncompliant with some state laws.

How to contact a TrueCar dealer success manager?

Fill out the form below to speak with a dedicated dealer success manager who can help assess the right solutions for your dealership. Please Call 1-866-480-1313 Or Complete The Form Below. Special Interest? Special Interest? Thank you, your contact info has been received.

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