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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money do you get with TrueCar?

For a limited time, TrueCar shoppers get up to $4,000 Bonus Cash in addition to special pricing on select BMW models. See dealer for details. Shoppers must verify their military status to receive exclusive pricing, Military Bonus Cash and the TrueCar Military Appreciation Package.

Is there a TrueCar military car buying program?

TrueCar has partnered with Military AutoSource, the only Exchange authorized vehicle buying program for members of the military community. With over 70 locations on bases around the world, Military AutoSource is there to serve you, providing the selection, service and value you need to easily keep you on the move, wherever you go. Research.

Are there any dealers that honor the TrueCar price?

No, dealers are under no legal obligation to honor the TrueCar price. Some dealers are on the up and up, but others may not be quite as ethical. Many dealers will offer a car deal when they don't actually have that model in stock in order to get you to visit (i.e. the bait and switch).

Is there an affinity bonus for TrueCar employees?

Offer Amount: Employee pricing and $500 Affinity Lease Bonus, or employee pricing and $1,000 Affinity Purchase Bonus. Applies to select new 2021 Volvo vehicles, excludes courtesy or demonstrator vehicles (contact participating retailer for more details)

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