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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the true value of used cars?

The Market Value Approach. The true value of used cars is actually their market value. This figure is nothing more than the average or retail value and trade-in value. For instance, if the retail value of a car is $7000 and the trade-in value is $5000, then the market value-based approach places the value of the used car at $6000 (7000+5000/2).

Which car is the best value?

Once again, the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited tops the list of cars that best hold their value. The four-door version of the off-roader offers easier rear-row access and a smoother ride thanks to that extended wheelbase. It might shed slightly more value than it did in 2019-up 0.9 percent-but it's not enough to lose the crown.

What are true car values?

It is the 'value' that the buyer is willing to pay for an item especially a second-hand or used vehicle; usually "true value'' is a fixed price tag on any used vehicle after assessing it's value based on it's condition and usage.

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