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Frequently Asked Questions

What is true care?

TrueCare is part of a network of community health centers that serve everyone in our communities, regardless of ability to pay. We are committed to taking care of you and your family with quality medical care, including prenatal, dental, lab and x-ray services, transportation and more.

How does TrueCar work?

TrueCar is a website that allows a car buyer to search for their perfect car. It promises to provide the car buyer with the best possible price and the average price that people in your area have paid for a same type of car.

What are the types of nursing care?

Nursing and Rehabilitative Care. Nursing services include assessment, treatments, injections, and administration of medications. Rehabilitative care services might include post-hospital stroke, heart or orthopedic care, or various types of therapy, e.g. respiratory, physical, occupational or speech therapy.

What is the point of care in nursing?

Nurses Point the Way. Nurses are taking care of more patients who are staying for shorter periods. They are under pressure to coordinate, communicate, and document patient care more effectively across a wider array of care team members.

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