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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose truecare pharmacy?

Our TrueCare Pharmacy family builds relationships accompanied by efficient service and excellent experience. Making each visit, free delivery, or drive-thru an experience that’s worth remembering. Each and every time. TrueCare’s promise is clear. We guide people on the journey to their version of wellness.

How do I Reset my Password or access code for truecare?

You may click the “Forgot Password?” link on the sign-in page to reset your password online. You may also contact the TrueCare team at (760) 736-6767 to request a password reset. Can you send me a new access code if I have lost it, let it expire or did not receive it?

Why choose El Dorado truecare?

At El Dorado TrueCare, we take pride in being a small-town independent pharmacy focused on prescriptions, personalized compounding of medications, hospital transition care, worker's compensation and excellent customer service! All this while still providing competitive prices, product selection, and the latest technology and conveniences.

Why choose truecare pharmacy Concord for wheelchair care?

Our trusted brands of wheelchairs, transport chairs, rollators, transport bath chairs, and bath chairs all cater to your highest functionality. We want you to get where you want, when you want, so TrueCare Pharmacy offers FREE same-day equipment delivery from our Concord location. TrueCare Concord was previously known as Cannon Pharmacy Concord.

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