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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Trulia make money?

How Trulia makes money. As part of Zillow Group, Trulia gets ad revenue from agents who pay to have their property listings featured prominently in search results or to promote their profiles. It also connects consumers with local mortgage lenders, collecting fees from lenders.

Are Zillow and Trulia the same company?

Trulia is very much like Zillow. In fact, Zillow acquired Trulia,yet they remain separate websites. Both sites use the same listings database, so the listings are the same. Generally, now that both sites are owned by the same company, other than a different design, they’re very much the same site.

How does Trulia work?

Trulia also provides a visual breakdown of the monthly costs for the property including your mortgage payment, property taxes, home insurance, any association fees, and mortgage insurance. This gives prospective buyers an idea of whether they can afford a particular property.

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