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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get into TSTC?

When it comes to investing in your career, ask our graduates. They will tell you that a TSTC education opens doors for jobs that pay well. Admissions is your first step through that door to your new career. It’s easy. Get started now. Complete your online application for admission. It's short, easy, and best of all -- it's 100% free!

Can I use someone else's password on my TSTC account?

All use of this system must comply with TSTC Statewide Operating Standards, including GA 5.1.4. As stated in the TSTC Student Handbook, using another individual’s password, allowing someone else to use your password, or submitting work that is not your own is a violation of the Code of Student Conduct and subject to disciplinary action.

How do I get in touch with TSC?

For Any Inquiries On Teacher Registration Call 020-2892351 Or Send an E-mail to: [email protected] and For Adverts and Promotions, Send an E-mail to: [email protected] (general); Telephone No: 020-2892000

Why TSTC for Allied Health?

Allied health professionals are in big demand in Texas. A blending of disciplines is becoming increasingly necessary to solve today's complex industrial problems. An equation for success? You + math = success. Let TSTC be an instrumental part of your career success. If you don't want to focus your talents on one subject, learn it all!

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