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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the members of Artemis no Tsubasa?

Artemis no Tsubasa (アルテミスの翼; Wings of Artemis) is an idol group formed in 2020. They are a Greek mythology themed group. Their group concept is described as "Descended from the world of Greek mythology to the human world in order to give 'love, courage and friendship' to this chaotic world once in 100 years."

What did Tsubasa do for her first job?

Tsubasa makes her official debut as an idol by releasing her first single Feel, drawing the attention of her classmates and many publishing companies. Her very first job is a model, a task she is apprehensive, but with encouragement from Itsuki, she devotes her all to the job.

What's the name of Tsubasa's new song?

Tsubasa appears at the Tokyo Millennium Collection and steals the show with a cute Santa costume. The new song "Fly ~Your Wind~" created by Chouten Sawafuji is released and Tsubasa preforms her first solo concert.

What kind of personality does Tsubasa Oribe have?

Tsubasa is a foolhardy, but a hard worker who stays focused once her mind is set on something and she is never discouraged by her constant blunders who has an optimistic personality. Tsubasa participates in One Of Millennium, the idol audition at Daitama Observatory.

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