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Frequently Asked Questions

When do you say tsuris what do you mean?

When a person is beset by troubles you can say that they are af tsuris, “on troubles.” And when they are getting a real walloping, you can describe their situation is gehakte tsuris, “chopped troubles.” Tsar is Hebrew for narrow.

Where does the last name Tsuris come from?

History and Etymology for tsuris Yiddish tsures, tsores, plural of tsure, tsore trouble, distress, from Hebrew ṣārāh Learn More About tsuris Time Traveler for tsuris

Is the Tsuris Theory of Jewish survival too important?

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz may assign far too much importance to tsuris in his book The Vanishing American Jew. In his “Tsuris Theory of Jewish Survival,” he posits that historically “Jews have retained their Jewish identity, at least in part, because of tsuris.”

What foods are extra charge at Tsui's garden?

Please note: requests for additional items or special preparation may incur an extra charge not calculated on your online order. 1. Shrimp Spring Roll 2. Shrimp Egg Roll 3. Vegetable Spring Roll (2)

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