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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Amane kill his brother Tsukasa?

Amane most likely killed Tsukasa as self-defence, realized what he did to his brother, then took his own life. "but Tsukasa sexually abused Amane" Tsukasa being Amane's brother probably meant that he still loved him as a sibling, despite the cruel things he did to him. as for the scene in the intro, it showed Amane tied up with his knife out of ...

What did Tsukasa do to his twin brother?

I think that Tsukasa sexually assaulted his older twin brother Amane (Hanako) as much as I hate to think it.

Is it true that Tsukasa sexually abused Hanako kun?

They have been hinting that Hanako-kun was both physically and sexually abused by his younger twin brother. As seen in the introduction, as well as in the episodes.

What did Tsukasa Whisper in Amane's ear?

Tsukasa whispered inside of Amane's ear. His body shook violently as his twin held his wrists with a tight hold. He couldn't bring himself to say anything. It was as if he was paralyzed. "Let's play like we used to~" The other twin told the smaller one.

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