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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any new Tsukasa Yugi fanfiction stories?

Anime/Manga Tbhk Tbhk X Reader Jshk Jshk X Reader Hanako ... [SLOW UPDATES] Hey, have you heard the new rumor? The one about the Devil's Train? There are actually eight wonders residing at Kamome, and (Y/N)-san is the eighth.

What do Yugi Amane and Yugi Tsukasa think?

Amane's only sunshine gets taken away. Things come and go, the world can be too much or too little and sometimes Yugi Tsukasa thinks that there’s so much in a day, it’s criminal to do them all. Moths float to light sources without knowing they’ll get killed and he thinks humans are just as pathetically the same.

What did Tsukasa Whisper in Amane's ear?

Tsukasa whispered inside of Amane's ear. His body shook violently as his twin held his wrists with a tight hold. He couldn't bring himself to say anything. It was as if he was paralyzed. "Let's play like we used to~" The other twin told the smaller one.

How many times does Tsukasa try to kill Amane?

Tsukasa "kidnaps" Nene one day and asks if she likes Amane, when she denies it, he makes her admit it in a fun way for both sides. Five times the ghost of Tsukasa tries to get Amane to kill himself + one time he succeeds.

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