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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Hanako X Tsukasa fanfiction stories?

Anime/Manga Romance Manga Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Jibaku Shounen Hanako Kun Yugi Tsukasa... You could never get away from the cunning devil always chasing after you, and loving you... Tsukasa loved every part of you, loved all of you (Readers) But, you, on the other hand, hated Tsukasa and at the same time loved him.

How many times does Tsukasa try to kill Amane?

Tsukasa "kidnaps" Nene one day and asks if she likes Amane, when she denies it, he makes her admit it in a fun way for both sides. Five times the ghost of Tsukasa tries to get Amane to kill himself + one time he succeeds.

What did Tsukasa like to put in his mouth?

Tsukasa liked to put things in his mouth; rocks and erasers and all kinds of things Amane would yell at him for. But his favorite thing was always Amane. My first fanfic ever!!! It was 3 am. Amane couldn’t sleep. Thankfully, tomorrow was saturday.

Who are Amane and Tsukasa in Hanako kun?

Amane and Tsukasa are twin brothers in 1960's. They are also known as caring twins because of their... Everyone is chasing after Hanako-san . What will he do ?

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