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Frequently Asked Questions

Which cars have turbo?

Many cars have turbochargers but superchargers are not that much visible. SUV’s generally have turbochargers so XUV, Safari, Scorpio etc. have engines with turbochargers. Some sedans like Swift Dzire, Ford Figo Aspire etc. also come with a turbocharger.

What is Turbo used for?

A turbocharger, or turbo, is a gas compressor. It is used to force air into an internal combustion engine. A turbocharger is a form of forced induction. It increases the amount of air entering the engine to create more power.

How do turbos work on cars?

How Turbo Works on a Car. Turbos provide enhanced fuel economy and performance. A turbo is a basic "air pump" that pushes a volume of air into the engine, which increases the power output. This turbo is driven by a turbine in the exhaust system, connected by a direct shaft to an impeller in the intake system.

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