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Frequently Asked Questions

How to turn off GPU fan completely in MSI laptop?

how to turn off GPU fan completely in msi laptop? You can change the fan curve in dragon center. I suggest having a productivity/work profile where u can turn off the gpu fan at low temps.

How to disable a case fan on a laptop?

1 Turn off the fan via the BIOS (system setup menu). ... 2 Turn off the fan physically via the Motherboard. Step 1 In order to disable a case fan physically. ... 3 Turn off the fan using Software.

Can I turn off my laptop fan through the BIOS?

I’m pretty sure you can’t turn off any laptop fan through the BIOS — you’d have to physically disconnect it from the board. That said, Max Tveit is correct that you don’t want to do that. The fans are turning themselves on because your laptop components are too hot and the fans are trying to cool your computer down.

How do I clean the fan on my Dell laptop?

Check online to see if your laptop model has a fan utility, this might give you an option for ‘fan cleaning’ mode or manual speed control. Use this to run the fan and full speed for a while in a clean environment to try and empty the fan vent of dust.

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