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Frequently Asked Questions

What are ways to improve turnover?

Here's a drill to help improve your stride turnover: Start by running at about your 5K pace for 60 seconds and counting every time your right foot hits the ground. Then jog for a minute to recover and run for 60 seconds again, this time trying to increase the count by one.

What are the types of turnover?

There are two types of turnover, voluntary turnover and involuntary turnover. Voluntary turnover is the type of turnover that is initiated by the employee for many different reasons. Voluntary turnover can be somewhat predicted and addressed in HR, the focus of this chapter.

What is the formula for turnover?

The basic formula for turnover rate percentage is the number of separations divided by the average number of employees. Separations include employees who quit, are dismissed, transfer to another another company or retire.

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